Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The one thing I hate about flickr

Is their takeover by Yahoo.  Note this:

"(Note for old skool members: the new mobile site, sadly, will not work for you: we've made the transition to supporting Yahoo! ID login exclusively for mobile. The vast majority of our users are now using Yahoo! IDs, and many of the cool features we're working on depend on fancy-schmancy, high-tech Yahoo! infrastructure that necessitates this style of login. And, as a gentle reminder, we will be requiring Y! accounts for all members at some point in the future.)"

I dont want a yahoo ID.  I'm not going to get a yahoo ID.  I've got plenty of stuff hosted over at Google thank you very much and zero reason to want to share between Google and Yahoo.  If Flickr keeps this crap up I guess I'll be checking out Zoomr and others shortly.