Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jay, a deer caught in headlights

08-Christmas-7299, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Sometimes ya just gotta go with on camera flash...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Strobist style Christmas Party

08-NFC-Christmas-6759, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Santa showed up at the Navesink Fire company annual Christmas Party, and so did my strobist setup =)

More pictures will filter in, but the set is started -here-

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Full Moon with the 70-300

08-NunzPoker-6490, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Damn nice look for a consumer lens! VERY happy with this result!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Congratulations to Chief John Kardel, MTFD Chief 2009, elect

08-ChiefKardel-6302, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Congratulations to Chief Kardel who will become MTFD Chief #100 on January first after passing his election tonight. We're all very proud of John and wish him the best of luck this year!

Full set from Chief's election night is filtering in to this set over the next few days -here-

Pappy is a model!

08-ChiefKardel-6282, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Pap was a good sport and became my first Strobist style Model. What you can't see in this version is he was just about to give me "The Finger!"

Full set -here-

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blackbirds baked in a pie

08-Thanksgiving-6030, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Not 4 and 20 but it felt like we could have fed that many.

Full set -here-

Degrees of Fall

08-Fall-5662, originally uploaded by Kadath.

NEat tree one of my co-workers pointed me to!

Happy Birthday Ryan, 2008

08-RyanBDay-5570, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Full set -here-

Connor Paszk's Baptism

08-Connor-5455, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Full set -here-

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Will and Kristin's Wedding

08-Heres-5357, originally uploaded by Kadath.

I'm REALLY late getting these up!

Full set -Here-

Will and Kristin's Wedding

08-Heres-5357, originally uploaded by Kadath.

I'm REALLY late getting these up!

Full set -Here-

Twin Tigers

08-Football-3659-2, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Full set for the season is -here-

Future superstar?

08-Football-3524, originally uploaded by Kadath.

All I know is this kid is FAST. Nice season Eddie!

Dayton Moon

08-DaytonMoon-3413, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Hand Held. VR rocks!

Been a while since I've blogged.

08-DaytonMoon-3409, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Lots going on, will try to post more. This Hot Air Balloon was following me out in Dayton Ohio... I think it was a mall advertising campaign....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hollywood Home Theater Forum Vacation 08

08HTF-4133.jpg, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Full set -here-

Thanks to all the studios and the folks at HTF for running an awesome event once again!


08-hollywood-HTF-3850, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Exoskeleton from Universal Studios Theme Park, Hollywood Ca.

If Woody had gone to the police

08-hollywood-HTF-3809, originally uploaded by Kadath.

This would never have happened!

Monday, October 06, 2008


08-Giants-3265, originally uploaded by Kadath.

I shot today's NY Giants Game with my Nikon D300 and 18-200VR from the mezzanine not expecting much, and am relatively happy with the results, plus the giants kicked the snot out of Seattle so that was good!

Full set is -here-

Took over 500 photos, edited 146 and will probably print a couple dozen.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Baby Gap Commercial

08-Corinna-2394, originally uploaded by Kadath.

I like this one, but it looks soo much like a setup. It really wasnt tho

Do you like this other version better?
-Smiling Gap

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hey Daddy

08-Corinna-2240, originally uploaded by Kadath.

I like the face on this one, hoping the details come through in print.

Corina turns two!

08-Corinna-2454, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Full set -here-

Strobist Mantis

08-Mantis-2886, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Playing around more with the light, I like how this one turned out best.

Full set -here-

Walking Stick

08-Ella1st-2013, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Seeing more and more of these guys around Navesink

Monkeying around with strobes and filters

08-SkullFilters-0453-2, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Full set -here-

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Posten Bros.

Posten Bros., originally uploaded by jurek d..

Jurek D. on Flickr has an awesome 'Posten' composition that I had to link to! Nike Work Jurek Durczak!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Model Rockets

08-Rockets-1824, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Finally a good use for the D300's 6 Frames Per Second!

Full set -here-

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Full Moon

08-FullMoon-2113, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Usually the full moon stinks to get good craters out of, this one is pretty sharp tho! Full set -here-

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9-11

911_02, originally uploaded by Kadath.

"EMS and fire crews in Highlands help those returning to NJ from the horrors of the Twin Towers falling. Dust covered everyone getting off the ship and the crews helped clean them up as best they could. My father ran the cleanup in Atlantic Highlands, I tried to help but there was nothing to do for me but to wait for a call to action that never came."
This is one of the 4 photos I shot on 9-11-2001. The world was a blur that day and I did not have the presence of mind to document it better. I went to Highlands to see if I could help with the people coming in off the boats, I was not able to help so I went and just sat in Navesink Firehouse waiting for a call to help somewhere, anywhere but there was nothing for us to do but sit, and wait, and watch the dreadful replays on TV over and over.

Today it seems like a distant memory, a bad dream and yet still so important to the state of the world and important to never forget. NJ lost so many people in the attack, Middletown in particular lost more than its share due to many people commuting in to the city from here.

Somehow I was 'lucky' to only know one person who died personally. Kenneth Tietjen was a classmate who died serving in the Port Authority. Ken and I werent close but I always thought he was a cool guy, a smartass with an easy smile and a devious mind. I was surprised to hear that he had gone into law enforcement but I bet he didn't stop the wisecracks there either.

As time moves on I worry that we forget the lessons of that day along with the memories of the people who died. I'm not a political person but I do give a lot of thought to how we treat the world and how the worlds sees us, and I don't think we have done well on that score. I also think the security precautions we have put in place are silly props designed to stop the last attack and not think about the next one. That, tho, I guess is an essay for another day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tonight's Moon

08-Moon-1649, originally uploaded by Kadath.

I like this one and the 30 year old 400mm is the champ once again!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Eddie's first touchdown!

08-Football-1535, originally uploaded by Kadath.

The kid is FAST.

Full set -here-

Along came a spider

08-DCGSA-Picnic-0842, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Not a spider really, a Daddy Long Legs.

Wikipedia page is -here-

Street Colors

08-NYC-Photowalk-0704, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Loved how Lightroom 2 pulled the colors out of this one, the TaT rocks!

All Saint's Day

08-NYC-Photowalk-0688, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Also from the NYC Photo Walk

Spirit in the sky

08-NYC-Photowalk-0817, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Kinda spooky and kinda cool all at once....

All In

Originally uploaded by Kadath
Yep, that's a Twister board she's wearing as a cape!

Full set is still -here-

Scott Kelby's Worldwind PhotoWalk

Originally uploaded by Kadath
This is my top entry to SK's Worldwide Photowalk.

Full set is -here-

Scott's Blog is -here-

All photos from Chinatown are -here-

All of the top entries are -here-

Solo Night Flight against Full Moon.

Simply put it's my "One in a million" shot

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Glassywing?

Little Glassywing?
Originally uploaded by Kadath
My first refracted bubble blower =) that's my parent's neighbors house upside down in the spit =p

ID discussion is -here-

Wikipedia page is -here-


Originally uploaded by Kadath
My submission to the most recent 24 hours of Flickr

Their full set, with awesome entries that make me feel so humble, is -here-

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

BAD move Apple!

From Terry White's Tech Blog:
<Today I decided to add some new pictures to my iPhone so I sycn'd it with iTunes. Then I noticed the display in iTunes saying "removing Netshare app". For a moment I just thought that "maybe it was replacing it with a new version or update." Nope, it's gone! Now this is kinda scary on a "big brother" level. Apple seems to have built-in the ability to remove apps from your iPhone without your consent (maybe you actually give consent in the iTunes license agreement that you accept, but um I haven't read that thing - have you?). >
Um, NO Apple, BAD.  This is not groovy.  REGARDLESS of the legality of Netshare or not, Apple CANNOT be allowed to retroactively remove applications we have legally (or not) installed and take them off our computers without our express permission.  I smell lawsuit.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

NASA is using Microsoft's Multitouch Surface Tech?

Originally uploaded by Kadath
NASA had a trailer at the Highlands Clam Festival (You can't make shit like that up!) and I wanted to bail on going in but Ma'am and Pappy wanted to check it out. Was pretty hokie (tho the air conditioning was amazing!) but the one cool thing other than the AC was their use of Microsoft's Surface Tablet to do their demo. Except it didnt say Surface on it that I could see. And it was just as wonky and sucky to use as the Surface at Ice Bar in Vegas. Don't count on Microsoft selling a ton of these things, stick to your iPhone.

Navesink Fireman's Fair

Originally uploaded by Kadath
Fair set up is ongoing, the fair itself starts Thursday and Runs through Saturday. Full set -here-

St. Mary's Great Fair

Originally uploaded by Kadath
Full set is -here-

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Entrepreneurs

Originally uploaded by Kadath
They made some good coin to spend at the Fair and in Disney World! My sister and I used to sell hardcrabs to make money in the same spot =)

Full set -here-

A geek's mom

Originally uploaded by Kadath
Tell ya what, they don't make em like that any more, Mom OR the sheets. =)

Those sheets are 30 years old and have been beat to hell constantly at beaches and barbeques and they still look like the day they came outta the bag.

The Osprey

Originally uploaded by Kadath
Now THIS is what I'm talking about.

Full set is -here-


Originally uploaded by Kadath
Rarely get a smile this big outta the old guy unless he is pulling someones leg. Bank on that he was busting on someone here =)

Work on the Highlands Bridge underway

Originally uploaded by Kadath
Full set from a few different angles -here-