Friday, January 26, 2007


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The Crown. What do you think, oversharpened or just right?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How to be creative

One thing I truly dig about the 'net is how it allows everyone to have a voice and get their own message across if one simply takes the time to still it all down and get it out.  Sometimes the result is overblown hype or bluster, sometimes it's pure genius.  While this example is aimed at the artists out there, but a fantastic message for just about anyone.  A primer on finding out what makes YOU tick and following that dream without starving in the process.  (Tho flipping through others at the Changethis site I keep thinking about 'Jerry Maguire')...

MacLeod's blog can be found at:

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rage's bug book

My favorite amateur macro photographer has just made a blurb book of his best shots!

His name is A. Dale McLean and you can see his work at the HardOCP forums. Some of his best work is in this thread:

He's a Nikon shooter, dont hold that against him!

Anyway, he's also taken my advice and put together his first Blurb book, and you can see a sample of that here:

Or order it here:

PS I think Blurbs gonna have to start giving me kickbacks, between my own books and turning others on to the service, now I'm pimping specific books!

Friday, January 05, 2007

My Blurb Book

The link for my first Blurb Book is now active should anyone care to preview the first 15 of 80 pages or actually buy a copy =)
I've got a few other similar projects in the works... 

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Casino HD DVD

If you own an HD DVD player, you owe it to yourself to AT LEAST rent Casino.  Visual Quality is off the hook.

Casino HD DVD

Did Paul Thurrott not get the memo?

Fakesteve is a fictitious blog by an awesome anonymous blogger who writes from the perspective of what it would be like to be Steve Jobs.
Thurrott says he thinks the article 'was meant to be funny'.
On a more serious note, mark your calendars:  Tuesday the 9th, noon eastern, the reality distortion will be in FULL EFFECT.
Will Apple release the iPhone or a tablet?  I don't honestly care.  What I really want is a mac in an extendable mini tower (like the old cubes) that doesnt cost $3k.  I expect to be disappointed.  I'll settle for bluray recorders standard in their macbook pros tho!


Some of you may have seen the furor over Microsoft and Edelman sending out laptops to bloggers, from the A list to the Z-List.
I've been watching the story pretty directly.  I consider myself a pretty reliable source of information to a WIDE WIDE net of people who ask me about technology, from games to computers to phones to photography to stereos.  I used to review games on the web for (god knows who owns that site now, careful with that link!) and I review DVDs and HD DVDs for Home Theater Forum now ( ). 
Occaissionally I'll review something just cause I think it's just so damn awesome that I think others ought to get one to enjoy it as much as I have.  Products that fit this criteria include things like:  The Xbox 360, Playstation3, Panasonic AE 900U projectors etc.  I'll also link to products that have serious deficiencies (the most glaring example I can think of is my HD DVD player, the Toshiba HD-A1 which I will replace as soon as a better deck becomes available at a reasonable price point.  The remote in particular is horrible on that unit, it takes forever to start up, it takes 45 seconds to just pop a disk out!).
However, most of my reviews are sent to me as media to be reviewed by the manufacturers.  Shocking, I know!  I don't review everything I get and I dont couch my words when stuff isn't the greatest quality.  I'm as honest as I can be and in all of my reviews, it's implicit that readers understand that these vendors have sent their wares to HTf hoping for exposure but understanding that HTFs rep is on the line so there is no guarantee that positive reviews will result.
Let's be clear:  I'm not now and never will be a journalist.  I'm an Early Adopter who happens to run his mouth off a lot, and I'm willing to spend my time making sure my extended network of contacts makes informed decisions.  That network grows every semester as new students go to my infotechbuzz website and somehow figure out I've got other blogs (Not sure how many have seen my little myspace link either, and no I'm NOT linking to that from here!)  =)   Even more find their way here from my link in my reviews.
If you like my reviews, I hope you keep coming back.  I especially hope you patronize HTF (and their sponsors!) since they are the greatest HT community on the net. 
PS If you're Microsoft or Edelman and want an honest review, feel free to hit me with a badass laptop, tho right now I think I'd much rather have a Macbook Pro =)  Heck, if you are any kind of PC/HT marketer, gimme a shout, my email's right up there on every page.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Hope everyone bounces back just fine!