Sunday, September 27, 2009

Middletown Eagles Game 5, slugging it out in the rain

09-EddieGame5Rain-5704, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Eddie got his first carry tho! Nice to see the coaches mix it up a little.

Full set -here-

Follow the light!

09-KidsPlay-2268, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Gotta keep reminding myself that. Look for the light. Too bad Eddie is mooning us!

Ryan Fall Ball game 2

09-RyanFallBBallG2-5407, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Love this image! Full set -here-

What if they held a baseball game and nobody showed up?

09-DevilRays-2621, originally uploaded by Kadath.

In that case you can get Field Side Seats for $20. In fact, at this game in the Tampa Bay Tropicana Park I bought seats on top of BOTH dugouts for $20 each and had a ball shooting the Devil Rays and the Seattle Mariners duke it out over a game that had no meaning, as the Rays had already been eliminated. But _I_ had an awesome evening shooting greats like Evan Longoria and Ken Griffey Jr. Look through the full set -here- to see that I mean!

Kayla O'Leary's Baptism

09-KaylaBaptism-5554, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Congrats Kayla and her Mom and Dad!

Full set can be found -here-

Eddie gets leveled!

09-EddieFootballG4-5514, originally uploaded by Kadath.

I'm not giving up on the kids games tho! Here, Eddie got HOUSED by a kid on the other team who was a foot taller than him. He's a tough little bugger tho! Go Eddie!

Full set can be found -here-

Shooting Monmouth U Hawks from the sidelines!

09-MUHawksDuqDukes-4802, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Got my first media credentials ever last week and was honored to shoot my Master Degree Alma Mater, Monmouth University as the Hawks took down the Duquesne Dukes!

I'm aiming to shot more college games and hopefully eventually get a shot at shooting some professional sports, I'm learning more every time I go out and I hope that these shots show that I'm worthy of coming back and hanging with the big dogs!

Full set can be found -here-

Now I just gotta save up for some pro glass ($8k+!) and the Nikon D3s which should be announced soon! ($5k maybe!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Redman family portrait

09-CorrineRedman-4089, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Had fun shooting the Redman clan on the Manasquan Inlet Jetty this afternoon. Always tricky to get more than two or three people to all look in the same direction at once, then add 3 dogs and a couple of kids on top of it and you have a real challenge. Plus since it was a public beach we had plenty of gawkers and people walking through our frame the whole time. But the whole gang were troopers and we had a good time of it! Thanks folks!

Tried my hand using Lightroom to knock some people out of the pictures, see if you can figure out which ones!

Full set -here-

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I don't make this stuff up....

09-CorrineRedman-4063, originally uploaded by Kadath.

I just blog it....

Monday, September 07, 2009

Unidentified floating object

09-OceanTube-1893, originally uploaded by Kadath.

What the heck is that floating in the middle? Think it might be a turtle?

Black's 2009 Pig Roast

09-PigRoast-3862, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Yesterday was the annual Pig Roast down at the Black's, always a fantastic party with good food, old friends, and live music. This year did not disappoint, my only regret was having to leave too soon!

Full set -here-

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Eddie's Football Game #3, MightyMite Eagles Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

09-EddieFootballG3-3628, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Nice blocking Eddie! This was on a successful Touchdown Drive too.

Full set -here-

Labor day down the tubes

09-OceanTube-2132, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Not as bad as it sounds, was a lot of fun in fact! Full set -here-

NJ Tweetup

09-Tweetup-3535, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Was invited to join some local NJ Twitter users at a great meetup at Basil T Leaf's

Thanks for the fun, was neat meeting all of you at the #shoretweetup

Eddie's Pool Party

09-EddiePoolParty-2002, originally uploaded by Kadath.

At the Middletown Pool. Full set -here-

Orchard Spider

09-Orchard4-3504, originally uploaded by Kadath.

These guys are about the size of a quarter and make amazing funnel shaped webs. If you only check out one set, look -here-

Katie and Eddie's Party

09-EddieFootballG1-3017, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Full set (including a Pappy Salute) -here-

Squirrel Thief

09=SquirrelThief-0268, originally uploaded by Kadath.

My mom calls all the squirrels in her yard Buddy. Buddy is a thief. About 40 buddies have been given new lodging in various woods nearby (none have been injured!

Full set -here-

Storm Fallen Tree

09-FallenTree-7207, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Not sure I ever posted this. Full set -here-

Many Mind Creek

09-ManyMindCreek-3431, originally uploaded by Kadath.

The stream running through my yard has this name.... Fitting!