Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sony Dream Machine unboxing

09-iPodAlarm-9533, originally uploaded by Kadath.

I saw this guy a few months back on Engadget and have been waiting for it to ship/

Shocker, I walked right into the opening of the new @eatontownbb and plucked one off the shelf. Didn't get to open it until today. Took a few pix of the unboxing
Full set -here-

So far it seems nice as a concept, and in action its mostly pretty sweet. The LCD is amazing for the cheap $150 price, but the plastic feels like a $150 item, it's not too sturdy. The interface to get it to play along with video is a little wonky too, it doesn't automatically come up, ya gotta dig into the menus a bit. Either that or I havent found the right option to get it to do that yet.

Will keep playing with it but so far it seems like a keeper!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blocked Punt

09-MUHawksVsAlbany-9075, originally uploaded by Kadath.

It was that kind of day for Monmouth U yesterday....

Full set -here-

Zombie Videos now posted!

09-APZombieWalk09-6087, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Click on them to go see them in HD:

09-AP Zombie Walk October - Vid #1 - setup from Sam Posten on Vimeo.

October 09 Asbury NJ Zombie Walk video #2 from Sam Posten on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Peter Sathmary, Effects Genius

09-APZombieWalk09-5909, originally uploaded by Kadath.

Pete was one of my students at MU, a really cool guy and a hell of a special effects artist, creature creator and zombie mastermind. If you are doing any kind of film, movie or video in NY/NJ area that needs technical wizardry, give him a shout at PeterSathmary.Com

Portrait of the Artist...

09-APZombieWalk09-6445, originally uploaded by Kadath.

... as a middle aged Zombie Goofball....

I like the lighting setup tho!

1500 hundred Zombie Walkers!

09-APZombieWalk09-5940, originally uploaded by Kadath.

And 303 pictures from it plus a ton of video to go through!

Thanks again to the great organizers at -APZW- for blowing our minds and somehow TRIPLING the size while still tossing in surprise after surprise. Was an absolutely killer afternoon!

Full set -here-