Sunday, September 24, 2006

Carnivorous Yellow Jackets

Somehow two weeks in a row I've gotten interesting shots of yellow jackets =)

I'm pretty sure my next lense is gonna be the 100 Macro, but until then I'm having fun with the Tamron 28-75s limited macro capabilities.

Full set at:


Essentially, during the wedding I was at today, an enterprising yellow jacket attacked a piece of my leftover chicken. It made over a DOZEN sorties onto this meat, used its mandibles to SLICE off a piece, picked them up like a helicopter, and flew off, presumably to the nest. My brother in law killed a dozen yellow jackets but I wouldnt let him kill this one, it was SMART! =)

As a colorblind amateur photographer, one of the things I'm struggling with is getting consistant color casts. You'll notice these all are in the same 3 foot area yet my colors are widely varying despite individually looking 'right' when editing em down in RSP.

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