Friday, July 04, 2008

Red, white and Blue Fireworks #2

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OK, I had a ton of fun with the fireworks tonight. Back to 'Kaboom' on the Navesink (Pronounced NAY VEH SINK, not NAH VA SINK, dont be a Benny!) in RedBank/Middletown NJ. Wasnt even supposed to go, my family was all messed up with different trips we were taking this weekend and nobody was gonna be in Red Bank for fireworks, and my Dad rolled an ATV over his ankle so he never got his boat out, but at the last minute things came together and I wound up on the RedBank to Middletown Bridge.

Last year's best image is so far my most viewed picture in Flickr out of the thousands of trash I have posted I am most proud of this one:

And the whole set:

Tonight I took over 350 shots, varying the time on Bulb and wasnt sure I was gonna get many I like. I don't know if their is one as 'iconic' as my red white and blue shot from last year but I think on the whole I took better looking more interesting shots. Flipping through em in Lightroom I 'picked' 210 of 350, which is way too many of course, but I really do like a lot of em. I didnt have my 20D with the L lens either, I was using the consumer 18-200VR on my D300, and I really dont think the gear made all that much difference, but having a couple of years under my belt making mistake after mistake really did.

Here's the first batch:

And the two I like best so far are these ones:

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