Tuesday, August 05, 2008

BAD move Apple!

From Terry White's Tech Blog:
<Today I decided to add some new pictures to my iPhone so I sycn'd it with iTunes. Then I noticed the display in iTunes saying "removing Netshare app". For a moment I just thought that "maybe it was replacing it with a new version or update." Nope, it's gone! Now this is kinda scary on a "big brother" level. Apple seems to have built-in the ability to remove apps from your iPhone without your consent (maybe you actually give consent in the iTunes license agreement that you accept, but um I haven't read that thing - have you?). >
Um, NO Apple, BAD.  This is not groovy.  REGARDLESS of the legality of Netshare or not, Apple CANNOT be allowed to retroactively remove applications we have legally (or not) installed and take them off our computers without our express permission.  I smell lawsuit.

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