Monday, March 02, 2009

Sony HDR-XR500VUnboxing and Testing

After not having a camcorder for over 10 years (My last one was a Prosumer Panasonic that shot SVHS!!!) I finally got a new one, and this one is a real monster! This is Sony's new HD Camcorder, the HDR-XR500V, not quite the top of the line consumer camcorder but damn close, only missing out on some hard drive space compared to their ultimate. Battery is charging now, will post thoughts on it as I can, and will post full size videos on my SmugMug account at E Aho Laula

Full Flickr Set is up now -here-

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Reginaldo said...

Hi, im having problems with this cam, trying to upload video with imovie 09, did you make it? ... (sorry, english isnt my speak language)