Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My submissions for the NYC Photowalk Competition

09-PhotowalkNYC-0664, originally uploaded by Kadath.

I don't photowalk for the prizes, but they sure do add a nice little twist to it. I had a hard time choosing between my images, I had looked at a lot of the others which have been submitted already and I didn't see any that I thought could match up to the great images already there. None of my 'selects' looked like they really captured what I was going for nor would they be 'better' than others already up there. These two shots however seemed to say best what I saw and felt that day.

This first one seemed to have a kind of 'Half Life' twist to it, being watched on the streets by the security cam up high, hiding in plain view in the middle of the richly saturated (yet gritty) expanse of colorful background.

The second was a view from the Highline, which is a magnificent new park, surrounded by the timeless architecture of NYCs peaks and canyons. This one is 'The end of the line', and yet NYC is just beginning past the end of this park.


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