Sunday, June 24, 2012

Orion festival

12-Orion-03727, originally uploaded by Kadath.

I had a an absolute blast at Orion Festival in AC yesterday. Mostly I wanted to just absorb all the great music but you know I couldn't resist taking a few pics along the way. For that, my little Sony NEX-5n is so so so so good!

It remains my favorite little cam for walkabouts and ESPECIALLY concerts.

You can't use it expecting to make ultra sharp images every time but with the right lighting and a little luck you can make some very nice concert pics. And security never bat an eye at it thinking it's a DSLR...

I was literally less than 8 rows deep in the middle of a surging crowd, people were moshing it up, crowd surfing and generally going insane. Then the lead singer of Cage The Elephant decided he was going to join in!




For Metallica tho I was a little too far back to get any real details, but the lasers and showmanship were amazing!





Crowd surfing is not all fun and games tho, here's the proof: The most brutal picture I've ever taken =)

Full set is here:
Orion fest

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