Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fuel for fighting the BRAC

Many of you know that my job is slated to be moved to Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Md. no later than 2011.  So far Congress has ordered this to happen but hasn't begun funding for the place that we will move to.  Seems pretty stupid to me to make big moves like this when real work has to continue, but hey I'm just an Engineer not a politician.  =)

This article appeared in yesterday's Asbury Park Press.  Hopefully the message isnt clobbered due to the author's obvious involvement with the situation, but this mess pretty clearly parallels the message from above, regardless of whether it's global warming, security, religion, stem cells or job jerrymandering, once direction from the top is given the facts cease to matter =(


Just wish people with more clout than me could get people to wake up.  Here's your chance Navesink, let's start here.

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