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FW: [Politech] New Jersey, California officials like the Real ID Act [priv]

OK, Someone smack our state officials with a clue please.  Real ID is a terrible terrible idea gone amok and it needs to die now.  Read on for Declan's recap of why...

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Subject: [Politech] New Jersey, California officials like the Real ID Act [priv]

So I spent part of this week at the RSA conference in San Francisco,
where I stopped by a panel that seemed to be created by and intended for
state DMV officials. The topic was the Real ID Act, and everyone seemed
to either like it a lot or be entirely in love with the scheme. All were
former or current government officials, and not one said it was a bad idea.

In fact, California and (especially) New Jersey loved it:

One idea they had was for the feds to mandate biometrics (fingerprint,
retinal scan, DNA sample) on these federalized ID cards. Right now DHS
can but isn't required to do so; we're still waiting for the regulations
to be made public.

Another idea came from Paula Arcioni, the chief information security
officer for New Jersey's Office of Information Technology, and a member
of the National Electronic Commerce Coordinating Council:

Clearly electronic commerce could never happen unless it were properly
"coordinated" by some state governments.

Anyway, Arcioni not only applauded the law but said it would be made
much better if it was turned into a microprocessor-enabled smartcard
that both state governments and corporations could use for online

Compare this to what Maine did a few weeks ago:

Guess these states either haven't gotten the message yet, or perhaps
these midlevel bureaucrats are simply so caught up in their own fiefdoms
that they ignore what the public actually wants.

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